Ådnøy Gård

Our old farm in Høgsfjorden

For maybe more than 1000 year there has been farming at Ådnøy, the island laying where Høgsfjorden meet Lysefjorden, half way from Stavanger to Pulpit Rock. 

Here we have started the work of renovating the old buildings and little by little started to get new life in the yard. For the first time in over 40 years, there are now animals on the farm. Not so many, but enough to maintain the cultural landscape with its distinctive features. With Amica, it is possible to visit the farm and see for yourself how a farm was run back in time. We also visit the oak forest which is home to a rich animal and plant life and right here, in the middle of the forest, what you experience is perhaps the most precious and wonderful we can offer: silence!

Half way to Pulpit Rock:

A pitstop at our hidden treasure!